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Why Consistency In Advertising Is Important

Updated: Mar 6, 2018

We’ve all seen the huge companies — Apple, Starbucks, Coca-Cola. Their budgets are big; their pockets are full; and their marketing is on-point. Some people are just so lucky, right? WRONG. It’s not luck that makes these companies successful — it’s consistency in advertising. There’s a formula that contributes to their success, and you too can share in this success by implementing a few simple marketing tactics.

No matter what your budget may be, you can’t afford to ignore these practices. Refraining from executing these will hinder the growth, and possibly survival, of your business.

We’re here to unpack a few practices that revolve around the idea of consistency, so that you can understand their importance and put them into play within your own business. Consistency is a big word, and rightfully so. This one word has a huge impact when we look at how it relates to branding, marketing, and advertising within your business.


These big brands are constantly, yet consistently, advertising. You may not have the budget to advertise CONSTANTLY, but anything that you are already doing can be done CONSISTENTLY across your brand. This is the first practice that you need to put into place. Each and every single little, big, tiny, huge, minor, or major piece that will be seen by your current or potential clients needs to be consistent to your brand personality, brand identity, and brand guidelines. (If you don’t know what those words mean to your company, shoot us an email at holla@brandnicely.com and we’ll be happy to get together to explain!)


It’s not OK for you to let your office manager, who has built a blog on Blogger or designed an invitation for their kid’s birthday, build your website. Similarly, it’s not OK to task your accounting manager, who has opened Photoshop in the past only as a hobby, to be responsible for creating an email blast or advertising flyer.

If you want to appear professional, you need to engage with a professional branding and marketing firm, such as Nice Branding Agency, to handle your imaging and marketing needs.

Big things like logos and websites are no-brainers, but you should also consider the day-to-day items that will put your business in a more professional light, including flyers, eblasts, email signatures, business cards, and printed materials. We recently completed a simple flyer for our client, Conner Exteriors & More. We broke down this company’s service offerings and rebuilt them into a single-page piece that can be quickly and easily dispersed via a single email attachment. Now, anytime someone calls or emails the company fishing for more information, each and every staff member can quickly respond with a professional, informative piece that outlines the full service offerings for Conner Exteriors & More.

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