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Is Your Glass Half Full?


The most effective way to utilize Social Media

LCA Advertising & Productions, Inc. utilizes Facebook's backend content manager to obtain more reach and impressions for our clients. Our team reviews and studies the trends in the market place.


It's not a risk to do

work that stands out ... It's a risk not to!

Social Media Best Times Post Infographic



Multi-camera live streaming can be a game changer for many business conferences and private events. LCA Advertising & Productions, Inc. has a mobile LIVE STREAM solutions that delivers quality high definition video and clean digital audio for a professional streaming experience. LCA utilizes up to 4 sources and can incorporate live graphics and video insertion. Once the live stream has ended, the client has a recorded version of the event for their archives or for future promotion.

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Brand experience is a type of experiential marketing that employs a comprehensive set of conditions created to influence the feeling a customer has about a particular product or company name. LCA believes by connecting and engaging with the target audience, utilizing this type of marketing strategy helps convert brand awareness to brand loyalty.



Content creation is the organization of information to mediums with a concentration directed toward digital media for an end-user/audience in specific contexts. Since 1989, LCA Advertising & Productions, Inc. has honed and fine tuned our creative content to align with constantly changing technology. Our services include, but are not limited to, maintaining and updating web sites, press releases, photography, videography, social media management, along with post production and distribution of digital media. With three 4K video editing suites, LCA has the ability to create a multitude of content across many different platforms. Our versatility allows our clients to have choices in their marketing strategies and delivery.



Consumers today are tech savvy and they have many options in choosing services and products. How does a business capture an audience? How do small businesses compete against the Fortune 500 entities and large box stores? LCA Advertising & Productions, Inc. understands the hurdles our clients face. We listen, we collaborate and we advise on how to best deliver their message in a creative way that will entice viewers to at the very least inquire.



Strategic planning can be overwhelming in our digital age. Is radio outdated? Is print advertising still relevant?  What is Geo-Fencing and Geo-Targeting? Should I be concerned about SEO and my website?  Strategic planning is the starting point to strategic management. It is executed by a team of critical planners or strategists, who involve many parties while researching the relevancy to your businesses goals.

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